Written by Sal Giandinoto.


This blog is about the Winlink 2000 system and the software package called RMS Express which has capabilities of sending e-mail messages through the Winlink system using its global network of mirrored Central Message Servers (CMS) located around the world.  I recently became interested in packet radio and came across the Winlink 2000 website.  The website is currently down for major maintenance and upgrading but there is still access to the e-mail programs and the Winlink web-based e-mail portal.


In order to completely understand what types of things can be done with the various programs compatible with Winlink 2000 (WL2K), you would best be advised to visit their website when it comes back online. 


My particular interest was using the program called RMS Express which may be downloaded from the Winlink 2000 website in order to send e-mails via 2-meter packet.  RMS Express is a full featured program that allows you to send e-mails via packet or Telnet.  Telnet is an older Windows program you can activate on newer Windows operating systems such as Windows 7 and Windows 8.  I currently use Windows Vista and you can Google Telnet to find out how to use this feature.  RMS Express also allows you to operate the WINMOR mode which is basically a complement to PACTOR and uses a 500 Hz or 1600 Hz bandwidth on HF.  It is somewhat better to use as compared to 2-meter packet since you can access more WINMOR stations on HF (due to greater distance associated with HF skip) than you can with using a local packet station.


In order to get up and running using RMS Express, you will need a TNC such as an MFJ-1270X or a Kantronics KPC-3, a computer and a 2m or 440 rig.  The TNC will interface between your transceiver and computer and is typically run in the KISS mode for e-mail purposes.  RMS Express is a rather simple and intuitive program to use and it is basically a compilation of two other programs called Airmail and Paclink.  RMS Express simply has more capabilities than does Airmail and Paclink.  Before you get started, you will need to get an account with Winlink 2000 with a password in order to access your Winlink e-mail.  Your web based Winlink e-mail address will be your This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 





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